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Batter to Baserunner

After the batter has hit the ball into fair territory, she becomes a batter runner and runs to first base.  It is important that she run toward first base while in foul territory as fast as she can.  She has to be trained to look at her first base coach as soon as she begins the run.  The first base coach will have a signal for run through the bag, turn and look, or to go to second without breaking stride.

If the batter runner runs through first base, she does not break stride until she touches first base.  She then immediately slams on breaks and looks to the right.  The purpose for looking to the right is to see if the ball has been thrown past first base.  If it is thrown past, she will break toward second base while listening for instructions from the first base coach to proceed or come back.

If the batter runner does not see a passed ball, the runner should turn to the right and head back to first base.

If the first base coach signals to turn and look, the batter runner will know that the play is not at that base and that she is turning and finding the ball to decide if she should break for second or come back to first.  The purpose of the turn and look is to put the decision on the batter runner to make the decision to proceed or come back.  But even though the batter runner has the decision, that decision is still subject to the actual direction of the first base coach.

If the first base coach signals to take second base, this signal must be given early enough in the run to first that the batter runner can hit the inside of first base and continue in full stride to second base.  As soon as she passes first base, the runner must pick up the third base coach for signal to continue to third, stop on second base standing, or slide into second base.