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Timing the Pitcher

I always teach my players how to time the pitch.  This is done by counting the pitchers pitch with a one-two count with “one” at her point of release and “two” when it reaches the front of the plate (if that is difficult to do, you can count it from the release point to contact with the catcher).  It is always one-two.  But, the batter will be able to judge the speed by the cadence created by counting the pitch.  The point is that the batter has to be at the point of contact on two (which explains why the front of the plate is the best point to count “two”).

When a team is up to bat, each batter should be counting each pitch while in the dugout.  Once the batter gets to the on deck circle, she should count the pitch while practicing swinging against that pitch with virtual contact on two.

Once the batter gets to the plate, some say don’t think, just see the ball and hit the ball.  Others say you should continue to count the pitches while you are at bat.  I think that will have to be a batter’s choice after trying it both ways.