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Hi, my name is David.  I am the father of four children, two of which are adult daughters.  My daughters were eight years apart, so I had the pleasure of coaching my oldest daughter in recreation league, travel ball, high school and college.  I then was able to start all over with my youngest daughter and I coached her in recreation league, travel ball, and high school.

I coached my first game of fastpitch when my oldest daughter was 11 years old.  We moved to a new area and I enrolled her in the local fastpitch program.  They did not have enough coaches and asked me if I would coach.  I gladly accepted.  The only problem was that I did not know anything about fastpitch softball.  But, being that I am up for any challenge, I began researching everything I could on the game, and I talked and listened to anyone who knew anything about fastpitch , as well.

That was the beginning of a long adventure into coaching fastpitch softball.  I have coached over 300 games at all levels through high school.  All of my girls are now grown and I am working with a local high school team coaching the pitchers.

The reason I started this website is because in watching recreation leagues, I notice that while the coaches have servant’s hearts and volunteer their time to helping these programs, the truth of the matter is that most do not know how to build a successful  girls fastpitch team.  I see lots of wasted time, the failure to work on basic fundamentals and a general disorganization.  This brings us to our mission here.

Our goal and mission is to provide a thorough but easy to understand education and training for the beginning or untrained coach on the basic fundamentals that every coach should know.  We hope that in doing so, we can even out the disparity between teams, make teams more competitive, and support the community’s overall appreciation of the sport of fastpitch softball.  The information we provide is free for you to use in establishing your successful program.  We will make recommendations on equipment we believe is necessary for training your team and tell you how to use it.  If you click on our links and purchase the equipment, we will earn a commission, at no extra charge to you, which helps us keep this site up and available.  You are certainly not required to purchase anything through this site, but to the extent you can and do, we certainly appreciate it.

Please keep in mind that our way of doing things is not the only way of doing things.  Every coach should learn from every source available and in the process develop his or her own system.  We are hoping to provide a firm enough foundation to dramatically accelerate that learning curve for you.

Please bookmark this site and follow us regularly.  We want to see you as a successful coach.

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